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€ 1258.40

Ref :E70090

Description : Optional Transceiver Module

Step up to the Ray260 AIS and you’ll also get a built-in dual channel Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver. The Ray260 transceiver module mounts out-of-sight freeing up precious helm space

Engineered to be your onboard communications hub, the Ray260 has a powerful 25-watt/1-watt, commercial grade transceiver with Class D Digital Selective Calling. It also has built-in NOAA weather channels and weather alert, plus convenient dual-watch, tri-watch, and channel scanning features.


Choose the Ray260AIS model and you’ll also get a built-in dual-channel Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver. When connected to your compatible multifunction display, radar, chart plotter or instruments, the AIS system allows you to see the names and positions of other AIS users within radio-range of your vessel, right on your chart, radar or instrument display.


New AIS 100 Splitter

Share a single VHF antenna with an AIS receiver and a VHF

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself having to make a mayday call, the last thing you need is extra complication. Making a DSC distress call is simple with Raymarine's DSC equipped VHF radios.  

                              Just press the button, clearly marked in the back of the handset or front panel of the r                               adio, and GPS position and time information are transmitted in a digital 'packet'                               complete with the vessel's Maritime Mobile Service Identification (MMSI) telling other                               ships and shore stations exactly where you are and that you are in a distress situation.

                              This simple procedure can dramatically increase your chance of a successful rescue                               compared to a traditional Mayday voice call.

Description :Fixed mount: Raymarine Ray50 full featured compact VHF Radio

El VHF Ray50 es un potente sistema de comunicaciones de un tamaño suficientemente pequeño para que se pueda montar prácticamente en cualquier sitio. Con 25W de potencia, Llamada Digital Selectiva Clase D, y su fácil integración con otros sistemas electrónicos, el Ray50 es la solución perfecta cuando el espacio es lo importante.


€ 285.00

Description :Fixed mount: Raymarine Ray60 ultra compact VHF Radio

El VHF Ray60 es una radio VHF que incluye las funciones esenciales de comunicación que necesitan todos los navegantes. Añada el microteléfono opcional y podrá usar su Ray60 desde 2 sitios a bordo del barco. El microteléfono también habilita la posibilidad de uso como intercomunicador para hacer llamadas entre estaciones.


€ 460.00

€ 190.00

 Description : Raymarine RayMic Handset

Raymic - segunda estación para Ray218E y Ray55E



€ 1005.81

Description : Ray260E Radio vhf CON dsc clase D

Radioteléfono VHF Ray260E de Raymarine con funciones de la clase D con llamada selectiva DSC. Incluye estación base, el microteléfono DSC, altavoz y cable de 10 metros. Compatible con los MDF. Permite hasta 3 multiestaciones y seguimiento de hasta 5 posiciones.

Ray260 VHF Additional Features

Digital voicemail and message recording
Ray260’s new Digital Voicemail feature allows you to pre-record a voice message up to 15-seconds and automatically send it to another DSC-equipped vessel. You can also use it to record incoming voice messages or alerts up to 90-seconds long.

Position tracking
Ray260’s convenient position tracking feature allows you to simultaneously receive position reports from up to 5 nearby DSC equipped vessels. Their positions are automatically fed over SeaTalkng for display right on your MFD’s chart display. This feature is perfect for keeping tabs of other boats in your cruising party, monitoring vessels of interest, or for local fleet management


Slimline handset with an extra-large LCD display and dedicated soft keys for easy control of features and functions.

Powerful Speaker

The powerful, remote-mounted speaker with adjustable volume control ensures you hear everything loud and clear. Ray260 can support 2 additional handset/speaker locations giving you complete control from up to 3 locations onboard

The Ray260 handset and speaker are the perfect match to Raymarine’s latest generation multifunction displays and instrument systems.

Description :Fixed mount: Raymarine Ray70 con AIS

El Ray70 de Raymarine es la solución más moderna en comunicaciones todo-en-uno para quien quiere tener lo mejor en su barco. El VHF multifunción Ray70 incluye de serie una radio VHF, receptor AIS, salida de megafonía, y también tiene capacidad para una segunda estación con función de Intercomunicador.


€ 751.00


VHF Radio with Dual Station Control

and Intercom Capability