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At UK Sailmakers Lofts service we repair all brands

Sails are a big investment and if you take care of them, they will give you years of service. Every UK Sailmakers loft can help you to get the most from your sails, no matter what brand they are. Our sail makers specialize in prompt, expert repairs and modifications at a reasonable price.

When you bring in your sail for a repair, even if it is minor, your sail gets the careful attention from our service team. We not only fix the matter at hand, but we will look over the sail for wear spots indicating future problems, such as not covering your sail properly or chafe marks from poorly covered cotter pins.

   Attention like this can save you serious money and save you from losing precious time on the water. Therefore, make sure to bring your sails into the loft for a check over at least once a year – even if you don’t have a tear or a rip.


When rips happen, bring your sail to your nearest UK Sailmakers loft for repairs done right. Many times we can take a spinnaker that looks like a frayed jig-saw puzzle to make it look new again.


While fixing rips and tears is the most obvious form of service, UK Sailmakers lofts do much more. We can retro-fit mainsails with extra reefs or covert them from standard battens to full battens.


Re - cutting

UK Sailmakers can re-cut racing or cruising sails to make them faster or fit better and we can re-cut sails made by any sail maker.  


If you sail in salt water, having your sails washed will extend their livelihood.


Service also includes advice on everything having to do with your sails and your sailboat.  

Spinnaker Repair

Spinnakers tend to look terrible when they rip because the tears tend to go a long way and the edges are jagged. But don’t worry, our repair team can usually put the jigsaw puzzle of your spinnaker back together.