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MF Furling

The MF reefing system enjoys a reputation among shipyards and sailors alike of being a very reliable manual reefing system, which is distinguished by an elegant design as well as a maximum of functionality. Renowned and proven world-wide the Reckmann Furler reefing system has evolved to set a new benchmark in quality design along with first class workmanship using the very best materials available. Hence all axle elements as well as the drum guard and toggle are made with precisely specified stainless steel alloys. These combined with the high-strength bronze length adjuster mechanism and the stainless steel drum guard result in a highly functional and durable system, which is distinguished by good handling and top efficiency.

The Reckmann Series MF, available in five system sizes, represents the third generation development of manual reefing systems for yachts of 30 to 90 foot in length. The one-piece aluminium extruded profiles feature higher torsion resistance combined with a weight saving of up to 25%. In designing this non-corrosive and virtually maintenance-free system particular emphasis was placed on simple assembly.

   Boat size (ft)   Furler type-max stay length     Rod size        Wire size        price

Ref:MF-1/R10 - 11.1m

         8,10,12          7,8mm

€ 6328.30

Ref:MF-1/R10 - 12.6m

         8,10,12          7,8mm

€ 6358.55

Ref:MF-1/R10 - 14.1m

         8,10,12          7,8mm

€ 6473.50

Ref:MF-1/R10 - 15.6m

         8,10,12          7,8mm

€ 6503.75

Ref:MF-1/R20 - 14.1m

        12,17,22         8,10mm

€ 6769.95

Ref:MF-1/R20 - 15.6m

        12,17,22         8,10mm

€ 6806.25

Ref:MF-1/R20 - 17.1m

        12,17,22         8,10mm

€ 6951.45

Ref:MF-1/R20 - 18.6m

        12,17,22         8,10mm

€ 6987.75

Ref:MF-1/R20 - 20.1m

        12,17,22         8,10mm

€ 7713.75

Ref:MF-1/R30 - 17.25m

       22,30,40      10,12,14mm

€ 9099.20

Ref:MF-1/R30 - 18.75m

       22,30,40      10,12,14mm

€ 9165.75

Ref:MF-1/R30 - 20.25m

       22,30,40      10,12,14mm

€ 9365.40

Ref:MF-1/R30 - 21.75m

       22,30,40      10,12,14mm

€ 9431.95

Ref:MF-1/R30 - 23.25m

       22,30,40      10,12,14mm

€ 9631.60

Ref:MF-1/R30 - 24.75m

       22,30,40      10,12,14mm

€ 9698.15

   Boat size (ft)   Furler type-max stay length     Rod size        Wire size      price

   Boat size (ft)   Furler type-max stay length     Rod size        Wire size     price

   30 - 37

   35 - 41

   45 - 56


Data sheet

Massblatt MF-1 bis MF-3.pdf