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€ 50.94

Description : International cruiser 250

A Quality antifouling achieving great protection through consistent polishing action available in five colours.


€ 51.86

Description : International Micron 350

High strength premium self polishing antifouling, offering consistent and outstanding 2 year protection in all conditions.


Description : International Cruiser 200

Aluminium compatible antifouling for a consistently smooth hull.easy application and available in Bright White.

Size/weight: 2.5lt


€ 145.94


€ 50.32

Description : International Trilux 33

Medium performance, hard antifouling suitable for all substrates including aluminium. Offers protection in medium fouling conditions where a hard, scrubbable antifouling is required. Trilux gives a smooth, hard, slippery surface which deters fouling attachment, and can be burnished. Ideal for fast powerboats and craft on dry moorings.

Description : International  ultra 300

The ultimate hard antifouling,providing a smooth finish ideal for power boats or fast yachts. The hard smooth finish can be burnished to further reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency.


€ 55.94

Description : International  VC Offshore

VC Offshore is the ultimate high strength antifouling with Teflon® for the demanding sailor. For the Whitbread Round the World Race 1997/8 all the leading boats chose VC-Offshore Extra Racing, this products predecessor. Contains Copper Oxide and Irgarol 1051


€ 52.17

Description : International VC 17m Extra

Ten times thinner than traditional antifouling, VC 17m Extra avoids the age old problem of 'build up' of antifouling.

Because it contains Teflon®, VC 17m Extra antifouling has a super smooth, fast surface without requiring sanding which minimises drag.

This new formula is suitable for both cruising and racing boats.


€ 66.84

Description : International  Boatguard 100

Budget antifoul
Boatguard 100 is a low cost, polishing, cruising antifouling designed to provide good protection in moderate to low fouling challenges. Specially formulated for use in fresh and brackish waters whilst also performing well in salt water Boatguard 100 provides a season long protection

Size/weight: 0.75lt


€ 27.80

Description : International  Trilux VC prop-o-Drev

A low friction antifouling with Teflon®. It is ideal for use on outdrives, propellers, trim tabs etc, where the aerosol container ensures easy application of the antifouling to awkward areas. It is suitable for use on aluminium

Size/weight: 500 ml


€ 26.20