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Silic One

Antifouling Paint System For Propellers & Underwater Running Gear. Possibly the Most Effective Antifouling for Propellers on the Market .

Description : Silic One Antifouling

A high solid one component fouling release coating. it is based on silicone, is biocide free and cures by air humidity. Provides a smooth, low surface energy repellent surface with unique fouling release properties. A hydro gel micro layer prevents fouling organisms firmly adhering, while the silicone polymers facilitate self-cleaning.

Size/weight: 0.75lt


€ 63.00

Description : Silic One Tiecoat

The Hempel Silic One Tiecoat 750ml is part of Hempels new biocide free fouling system! Based on silicon and hydrogel it gives the coating surface water like properties. With it's slippery surface, it's incredibly difficult for fouling organisms to attach to the hull and ensures easy removal once the vessel is under way.

Size/weight: 0.75lt


€ 32.50

Hempel's Silic One 77450  is a biocide free, high solid, fouling release coating. Based on silicone, a hydro gel micro layer provides a smooth, low friction surface which prevents organisms attaching to the hull and propellers. Service life of Silic One on the hull is 2 years.

As a fouling release system for boats of glass fibre, steel, aluminium and plywood. For use below the waterline.

Description : Silic One Propeller kit

Silic One fouling release system for propellers!

This revolutionary fouling release system gives an ultra low friction finish and is the best solution for propellers.

Size/weight: 0.75lt


€ 67.50