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Cleaning &Polishing Products

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Description : Profile 300 Rapid Cut & Surface Restorer

Profile 300 is a mid range, high gloss, water-based compound capable of removing P1000-P1200 dry abrasive marks. It restores gloss and colour to virtually any gel coated or painted surface. It can be used by itself or with other compounds either as a first stage before Profile 500 or as a finishing compound after Profile 100

Size/weight: 1lt


€ 61.14

Description :  Profile 500 Light Cut Liquid Compound

Profile 500 is a light cut, water-based compound used primarily as a second finishing step to remove swirl marks and give a high gloss finish. It will remove light scratching, restore colour and improve clarity and depth on dark colours

Size/weight: 1lt


€ 43.85

Description : Profile UV Wax

Profile UV Wax is a high performance, Carnauba-based wax incorporating special UV absorbers to give added protection to gel coats and paints exposed to external weathering. The high Carnauba content ensures long lasting protection against rain and salt water whilst the UV absorbers protect against exposure to sunlight. Profile UV Wax will give a high gloss, long lasting finish on most surfaces.

Size/weight: 1 lt


€ 52.20