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Description : Seajet 031 Samurai

Seajet 031 Samurai is a slow polishing antifouling with a great value for money. Season long performance. Suitable for moderate fouling areas. Has a high coverage rate. Can be used on all substrates except aluminiume


€ 105.00

Description : Seajet 032 Professional

Seajet 032 Professional is a copper based antifouling for moderate fouling areas. For professional applicators. This economical antifouling is compatible with almost all antifouling and gives a season long protection. Can be used on all substrates except aluminium.

€ 145.00

Description : Seajet 033 Shogun

Seajet 033 Shogun is premium self polishing antifouling which is highly effective against slime and weed. Suitable for high fouling areas. Suitable for all types of pleasure craft with a maximum speed up to 40 knots.

€ 120.00

Description : Seajet 034 Emperor

Seajet 034 Emperor is a high performance self polishing antifouling, suitable for aluminium. Ideal for club racers as it can be burnished during the season. Available in bright colours. No risk of galvanic corrosion on aluminium surfaces.

€ 149.20

Description : Seajet 035 Hard Racing

Seajet 035 Hard Racing is a high performance, hard and burnishable antifouling suitable for motorboats and racing yachts. Suitable for all boats up to a speed of 70 knots. Can be used on all substrates including aluminium.

€ 138.00

Description : Seajet 036 Endurance

Seajet 036 Endurance is a hard matrix antifouling with high copper content and correspondingly high coverage rate. Suitable for high fouling areas and speeds up to 70 knots. Can be used on all substrates except aluminium.

€ 107.00

Description : Seajet 037 Costal

Seajet 037 Coastal is a hard antifouling paint suitable for fresh and salt water. Good performance in coastal and inland waters and suitable for drying moorings. For high speed craft with speeds up to 70 knots. Can be used on all substrates except aluminium.

€ 93.00

Description : Seajet 038 Taisho

Seajet 038 Taisho is a copper-free, super self polishing antifouling based on an unique resin that gives outstanding antifouling protection in the highest fouling areas. The excellent antifouling effect is derived from the highly active hydrolysis polymer which ensures maximum effectiveness and leaching of active ingredients. Can be used on all substrates including aluminium.

€ 144.27

Description : Seajet 039 Mono componente

Seajet 039 Mono-component is an ultimate performing SPC antifouling. Based on the latest resin technology from Japan it is suited to all fouling environments and ideal for application to boats in the highest fouling areas. Can be used on all substrates except aluminium.

€ 356.85

Description : Seajet 039 Platinum

Seajet 039 Platinum is an advanced Self Polishing Copolymer (SPC) antifouling. An ultimate performance antifouling suitable for the highest fouling areas. Ideal for blue water cruisers. Can be used on all substrates except aluminium

€ 153.75